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Newcastle council

Please download the Zappar app on your phone to scan the 3D image onscreen to active the AR scene.

Scroll Wheel = Zoom      RMB = Rotate


This project was made in collaboration with Novocastrian artist Trevor Dickinson, Veara and the Newcastle Council.

This AR product will be used inside the new information centre located in the heart of Newcastle. I had a lot of fun working alongside Trevor to bring his art to life using AR technology.



I’ve been working with this client on a wide range of projects during my time as a professional 3D Artist. From our first conversations to the initial sketches and all the way to the final animations, working with this client is something I always look forward to.


This client had a specific vision in mind when we started working together. I was able to take their idea and give it my personal touch without disrupting their initial conceptions, and the outcome was incredible.