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Here at Digital Assassin, I offer a large variety of digital media solutions that range from graphic design to Augmented 3D animations. I use the latest in hardware and software to produce the highest level of production available while regularly adjusting my prices to fit a competitive market. The hallmarks that I am known for in my services is high-quality productions, quick turnovers and frequent and concise communications with the client.

Below is a list of services that I provide within my office.


The Digital Assassin studio is currently the only studio that offers affordable motion capture solutions to be used for 3D characters in games, videos, VR and AR using the new Rokoko motion capture suit.


This technology is much more immersive than traditional forms of media and allows for a much more effective platform for entertaining learning experience.

With 2 years of experience working with AR and VR technology, depending on the platform which is best for your product, I am able to use Spark AR and ZappAR for augmented reality or Unity and Unreal Engine for Occulus Rift VR. 


Creating a viable skeletal rig and character/object animation is a vital part of any 3D production. Like any craft, knowledge and diligence is needed to produce outstanding animations. For whatever your project needs, I promise to deliver a high-quality production.


Do you have a unique character you would like to see come to life in 3D? I have produced hundreds of characters for personal use and for clients of all different shapes and sizes. I find great satisfaction working with clients from humble concept drawings to an awesome final production.


Before venturing into 3D, I was a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist. I still offer these services and as always, it comes with a high level of customer satisfaction and quality, guaranteed.


I also offer professional cinematography, lighting and green-screen services. No matter what the occasion may be, be it wedding shoots, online store stock photography, presentations, film or outdoor shoots. I am able to walk you through the steps and deliver an outstanding service.